Greg Bogart, Ph.D.


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Psychotherapy can help if you are depressed, anxious, frequently enraged, feeling stuck in your career, experiencing relationship conflicts and impasses, chronic illness, sexual problems, grappling with alcohol or drug abuse, or suffering from the effects of trauma. In therapy you’ll discover what has wounded or inhibited you and learn how to modify dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. By revisiting points of maturational stress, we can resolve them and free up energy for change. Therapy is also a spiritual process, a discovery of your inner truth and a new vision for your life. Therapy is a process that is grounded and practical, clarifying your goals and necessary next steps.

My approach to psychotherapy is rooted in psychoanalytic and Jungian psychology, the study of family systems, and intensive dreamwork, the practice of responding to the intelligent imagery and guidance of dreams and bringing their contents alive through art, imagination, and visualization. I incorporate the use of “natural antidepressants” such as meditation, yoga, and breath awareness, which relieve stress and anxiety and connect you to a deep inner center that is calm, compassionate, and wise. I also help you achieve greater peace of mind by improving your relationships and communication skills.

As a lifelong musician and writer, I enjoy assisting clients seeking expression of their talents in the creative arts. As a vocational counselor, I emphasize transforming work into a calling, and coping with job-related stress and career transitions.

As a couples therapist, I emphasize listening skills, conflict resolution, and cultivating patience, acceptance, honesty, and humor. I help couples grow more emotionally connected as they work through disagreements about sex, money, parenting, and life planning.